Kirsty’s trip to Hell continues. Funny, quirky, occasional LOL. The best!

Gina X. Grant

After my encounter at the dog park with the poor woman who may have escaped from the nearby mental health facility, I didn’t feel much like promo’ing my new book yesterday. But now I do.

As the title says, Book 2 of The Reluctant Reaper series debuted yesterday.

Here’s what people are saying so far:

Scythe Does Matter makes… a perfect afternoon summer read, and fortunately for us, there isn’t much time to wait [for Book 3]. ESPRIT DE CORPSE comes out on August 19th— I’m anxious to see what Kirsty gets herself into next! ~Review by Kate at All Things Urban Fantasy

Scythe Does Matter is a light and very humorous read. You simply must read the first one though so that you appreciate Kirsty’s situation fully and get more insight into this crazy world. ~Review by Vilia on

[Scythe Does Matter introduces ] Some new characters……

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