Tame the Beast

Guy Kawasaki at Digital Book World said:

The Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Self-Publishing a Book

5. Using a word processor other than Microsoft Word. Admittedly, Word is a beast, and you will need to wrestle it to the ground. There are cheaper and more elegant word processors, but nothing has the paragraph styles capability of Word nor the universal acceptance from the reviewers, testers, editors, designers, and resellers that you’ll use downstream.

Agent Zack said:

What’s Wrong with Writers’ Conferences?

I would like writers’ conferences to be more about teaching. Teach authors how to write query letters. Teach them how to properly format their manuscripts (please!). Introduce them to the Chicago Manual of Style and what “style” is. Teach them how to use Microsoft Word to apply styles (the other kind) and create a clean manuscript that can easily be converted for eBook publication or printed book production.

Why have I highlighted these two excerpts?

I can help you tame the beast that is Microsoft Word.

I thrashed through the wide array of MS Word commands, winnowed them down, and created an online course, Tips 4 WIPs, Microsoft Word for Fiction Writers.

You can see the course outline here, applicable in either MS Word 2003 or MS Word 2007/10.

I’ve whittled the more complex commands, e.g. Track Changes, down to a process that suits the way critiques are passed back and forth. I provide templates with pre-set Styles that work for fiction writers, whether pursuing traditional publication or self-publishing.

To see how you’ll gain efficiency, check out some before-and-after keystroke sequences.

Tips 4 WIPS is available privately, or in groups, or as a gift certificate.  If you belong to a writing group, Tips 4 WIPs can be held in a Yahoo group for all members.

Pricing details are available on the Sign Up page.

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