Tips 4 WIPs ~ MS Word for Fiction Writers

What do fiction writers want?

To write an awesome story, release it to accolades from far and wide, and live happily ever after. While we write the next book.

What do we NOT want?

We don’t want to get aggravated and sidetracked by a complex word-processing tool that provides far more functionality than we need. I mean, what have embedded lists, table themes, and an index got to do with a writing a great story?

We fiction writers would rather use our energy to focus on the next plot point or character reveal than try to calculate how many blank lines are needed to put “Chapter One” a third of the way down the page. We want to type without thought to spelling and grammar–at least in the first draft. We want to read the comments from our critique partners and beta readers without agonizing over the font color to show insert vs delete.

We want our story to flow smoothly from our minds to our screens.

Last summer, my local chapter of the Romance Writers of America held a workshop on how to create workshops. I floated my idea for an MS Word online class customized for the demands of fiction writers. The response was an overwhelming “Gimme that now!”

You got it!

So, I analyzed and refined the massive MS Word functionality to create Tips 4 WIPs ~ MS Word Techniques Customized for Fiction Writers.

Tips 4 WIPs is suitable for ALL levels of expertise. Go from “What if I do something wrong?” to “I know that!”.  Or, add to your toolbox and bump up your efficiency.

Check it out!

© Joan Leacott 2012

3 thoughts on “Tips 4 WIPs ~ MS Word for Fiction Writers

  1. I bookmarked that link to check it out later – thank you Joan! I want to see if I’m missing anything in what I know vs what I think I know vs what I don’t know 😀


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